Motherhood & Family

Because of this man…

This was Dad’s idea

Because of this man…

I love to sing.
We can still locate dad in public places sometimes by following the sound of singing, especially in echo-y places.

We have hours and hours of  precious family videos at home.
Dad lived our family vacations through a viewfinder of a bulky camcorder for years. He’s probably in 5% of the videos but you can hear his voice in the background describing where we are and what we’re doing.

I didn’t know how dorky I looked during the big glasses and braces stage of my life. 
Don’t ask for a picture, but if you know me, you know what I’m talking about and if not, you can imagine it. I think the number one reason why I never struggled with self-image issues is because my dad constantly would say when I was growing up how pretty his daughters were–sometimes even randomly at the dinner table! Even though he bemoaned the day I would get married ever since I can remember and I would think it was silly, I knew that meant I was loved and cherished by him, and I knew what it meant to be beautiful in someone else’s eyes.

I know what it means to live simply in order to be generous towards others.
I have admired this about my dad for a long time and as a single person it was something I was hoping for in a husband (and am thankful to have been given!) He is hesitant to spend much on himself, but was always saying to me “You like it? Go ahead, you can get it!” Many people, not the least of them myself, have been blessed by his quiet generosity and love.

I have a remarkable example of humility in old(er) age & I know that my thoughts and perspective are valuable.
My dad has put up with so much of my thinking that I know it all and I know it better. He still kind of does. And yet he has always listened to what I had to say not just to correct me, but to actually listen. He has been willing to learn from his children and will even later on mention to others or in other conversations things that we’ve said. In some ways it puts me to shame for my own pride, but it shows me how I want to be willing to learn from my children when I am older, to listen, and to show them their thoughts are valued and loved.

I understand what it means to have a heavenly Father who delights in me.
From making a phone call during a tough time in college and hearing him say, “it’s always nice to hear your voice!” to being shown off to his co-workers at his workplace to seeing how he smiles when his kids are home, I grew up having a taste what it means to be welcomed into the presence of God as his daughter. He’s saved all these drawings and cards we’ve made for him and treasured them because he treasures us. Nowadays, I’m not shown off so much since the granddaughters’ pictures and videos are taking my place — but I think I can overlook that.

I know what it’s liked to be loved in spite of myself. 
In some ways, dad had to put up with more from me because I didn’t fear him or his response because he was so patient with me. He’s seen some ugly parts of me. And yet, he has loved and sacrificed and given.

I had a great example to look for when looking for my then future children’s daddy.
Many of the things I value in Jeff– his patience, humility, love, tenderness, gentleness– I had seen in my dad first. I knew what it was like to not feel like I need to be someone else and still be approved of and loved. And now, I am thankful that the girls get to know that in their daddy too!

Thanks so much, daddy. I thank God for you! I love you!
And you, husband! The girls and I thank God for you too.
And to my father-in-law for raising, fervently praying for, and modeling godliness to the man of God I got to marry!
Happy Father’s Day!

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