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9 years ago…

Nine years ago today, Jeff & I met when I was checking out fellowships as a college freshman. He shared about “the wheel” and I ended up not going to the fellowship, but we met afterwards because we’d had mutual friends in Staten Island who told me to look out for him.

How do I remember the date?  I went to the ice cream social of his fellowship and put my name on a list. Later, students that were part of the fellowship showed up at my dorm to deliver little flower pots filled with potpourri and a toothpick with upcoming fellowship dates. I found this after we started dating and I have no idea why I kept it (it’s now inside a scrapbook- look at the yellow arrow!):

We didn’t start dating until a little more than five years later, but isn’t it amazing that God knew at that time where we would be now? I’m so thankful for his faithfulness to us throughout the years. He has poured out grace upon grace in our lives. I’m so thankful that neither of us are who we were back then and for the miracle of his working out Christ in our lives. I’m so thankful that nine years from now, because of Christ, we will not be the same people we are today.
In other news, we also celebrated our second anniversary last week! We went out and had a nice lunch with each other and baby. Then we worked on a scrapbook- Chang Chronicles vol. 2!

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