Motherhood & Family

Happy Daddy & (Grand)Daddy’s day

I am so grateful to God for these two men in my life.

Thank you, daddy for your patient, enduring, and affirming love for me through the years. Through ingratitude, pride, and rebellion you have loved me. I have seen our Heaven Father’s care reflected through your loving provision, generosity, and delight in your children (and now, granddaughter). Thank you for your tireless work to provide for your family. I have come to know what it means to be loved and welcomed into the Father’s presence through you more than anyone else in my life.  Thank you for being a family man!

Thank you, my baby girl’s daddy (aka hubby) for being an amazing husband and daddy. It has been so much fun getting to see you as a daddy these past 9 months- you are a wonderful daddy, as I knew you would be. I love seeing our girl light up and smile when she sees you home. I love seeing you rock her to sleep and how secure and happy she is when she’s with her daddy. Thank you for remembering her vitamins, reading to her, praying over her. “AAAAAHHHH!” – from baby (right now). I think that means “Happy First Father’s Day! I love you, daddy!”

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